TPQ is your reliable and safe purchasing agent. We are your direct contact in Asia who is committed to act as part of your company. TPQ has a team of specialists in this field, whom will guarantee the best providers and alternatives to accomplish your projects and business goals. We are responsible for a complete tracking of your purchasing in Asia.

We choose certified providers on the basis of quality, price, competitiveness and technical adequacy.

Asia is a rapidly growing and changing market in which new providers emerge every day, while others fade through the competitiveness of the Asian industry. For this reason, TPQ remains an updated company looking for the best and actualized options among suppliers, offering an outstanding alternative for your company.

  • Up-to-date control and supervisión of providers
  • New providers opportunities
  • Verification and monitoring of Asiatic companies and providers
  • Purchasing agent committed to confidentially protect information and providers.
  • International logistic